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One Person Company
What is One Person Company?

One Person Company (OPC) is as good as Private Limited Company having only 1 Director and 1 Shareholder. This concept was introduced in Companies Act, 2013 to allow a single entrepreneur to start a company with less compliance requirement.


Under new process….OPC can be registered in 5-10 days. Form INC-29 is submitted to MCA with all the relevant documents. If the name is acceptable, MCA will issue incorporation. Else, resubmission with new name may be required.

  • 1 PAN CARD of all Director
  • 2 Address Proof of all Director
  • 3 Photographs of all Director
  • 4 DIR 4 on Rs.10 Stamp
  • 5 Company Address Proof – Lease Deed with rent receipts
  • 6 NOC from owner/ Director
  • 7 Proof of registered address
  • 8 INC 9
  • 9 INC 10 – Notarised
  • 10 Affidavits and Declaration on Rs.100 Stamp paper
  • 11 DIR 2

# There may be requirement of any other document which we will ask while processing the Company.


  • Limited Liability Protection To Directors and Shareholder
  • One Shareholder and One Director
  • Limited compliance requirements
  • Can be easily converted into a Private Limited Company
  • Tax Flexibility and Savings
  • Perpetual Succession
  • Demerits

  • Suitable only for small business
  • Maximum paid up capital of 50 lakhs and turnover of 2 Crores
  • Requirement to appoint Nominee

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