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Filing of Statutory Returns
Filing of Returns is Painful!

Filing of periodical returns under various tax laws is one of the most tedious and time consuming activities for any business. Small enterprises are normally not equipped to do file tax returns on their own and are dependent on multiple consultants which is not efficient and also there is no guarantee of correctness and timely submission.


We are expert in filing all types of Returns under various acts and statutes with 100% accuracy with a very quick turnaround time.

Not just that, in case of any delay in filing return at our end, we will bear the additional fee/penalty for late filing and hence we provide you full peace of mind with 100% accountability and transparency.

    So what you get is
  • Single Point Contact for all types of Compliances and Taxation needs
  • 100% Accountability for late filing
  • 100% Accuracy
  • No more penalties and interest for non-compliances
    We provide service for filing of returns and forms under various acts such as:
  • Withholding Tax (TDS)
  • Income Tax
  • Service Tax
  • VAT / CST
  • PF / ESI
  • Excise & Customs
  • FEMA
  • RBI
  • Companies Act

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